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01:42 hekiqoo:

現役さながらに 過酷条件に挑んだ夜
白煙を燻らせて 惜敗を舐める
熱い心を最も滾らせたのは 貴婦人ことC57-180その人だった
03:53 La Brea Park, Los Angeles - 1954
12:34 gairo:

20060329_0361r (by oda.shinsuke)
16:21 CN Tower from the Gardener Expressway - 1973-4 - Toronto
18:30 architectureofdoom:

Fischerinsel, Berlin
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06:20 Myths like this.This is why I don’t sleep. This is why I let Beach House woo me to sleep in the morning light. That little bird on the wire, that glowing sun under the tree line. The feelings that rip themselves out of me as the sun finds its way to the horizon, as the chords of tomorrow ripple through the pass of time.Who wants more than the androgynous weep of Victoria, the cry of the nights end?
14:34"So congratulations, Toronto, on the extra people. Let us know when you can make a decent pizza, or build a building that bears a second glance. Or when somebody writes a song about Toronto. Or shoots a movie in Toronto that actually takes place in Toronto. We’ll be here, waiting, humming “Chicago.”" — Neil Steinberg on Toronto now having a larger population than Chicago. (via callofcathugra)
15:15 Gardiner Expressway on-ramp - Toronto